Established in ’51… That’s 1651. Belkin Family Lookout Farm is one of the oldest continuously operating farms in the United States. Our family is proud to carry on the New England tradition of family farming and we are excited to share the fruits of our labor (literally!) with you.

For us, “local” is a way of life, and has been for more than 360 years. Our fruit orchards are located in South Natick, Mass, where each individual tree is meticulously pruned by hand in order to ensure that we harvest the best crop possible. Never from concentrate, we work year-round to craft our hard ciders with fruit grown under our care. Here at Lookout Farm, we are committed to preserving the land as a sustainable, viable farm and what better way to do this than to share our authentic hard cider with our neighbors!


Lookout Farm Hard Cider is a true craft cidery, using our expertise in modern fermentation and traditional aging techniques to produce a uniquely refreshing hard cider. We carefully select the most flavorful apple blends and add the finest ingredients, like our own raw honey, to create a cider that is both exceptional and true to our heritage.

We hope you enjoy our hard cider as much as we enjoy making it.